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(fwd) Regarding your suggested changed to locale uk_UA


Did you get this email?  I've noticed your glibc problem reports
(libc/5018 libc/5019 libc/5028) and would like to assist you in
getting the changes accepted into glibc.

--- Begin Message ---
I'm currently looking at your suggested changes to the uk_UA locale.
I copy this mail to the address of the previous submitter of the

It is very hard for the glibc maintainers to check that your suggested
changes are correct, because of lack of knowledge regarding this
language, and you did not supply any references (standards, official
documents using the format, etc) specifying the correct content of the
locale.  Please supply some references verifying that your changes are

Did you try to contact the author of the initial locale?  Does he
agree with your changes?

It would be better if your proposed locale was easier to compare to
the original locale.  This mean it would be better if the new locale
used the same section order, to make it easier to look at the diff
between the locales.

(I asked for more information using gnats, but got no reply there.
Because of this, I try again.)

The gnats reports:

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