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when to link into shared libs???

    I would appreciate any information on topic of when it
when it is appropriate to eliminate undefined non-weak symbols
in a shared lib. I understand the case where the program itself
will provide the symbols (as is the case with
However I am unclear on a couple details.

1) Does it matter how the program provides these symbols?
If undefined non-weak symbols exist in a shared lib, does
the program have to define them itself or is it sufficient for
the program to merely link in another shared lib that does so.

2) While I understand that prelinking does nothing for 
reducing the load time of shared libs that are dlopen'd,
it is still unclear to me whether there is any advantage
to eliminating undefined non-weak symbols from such libs.
That is if a shared lib is dlopen'd, does glibc perform
the dlopen'ing any faster if the shared lib has been
exhaustively linked so that no undefined non-weak symbols
exist in it? Or doesn't it really matter in that case?

Thanks in advance for any clarifications on these issues.

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