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Re: vs

On Sun, May 18, 2003 at 11:42:18AM -0400, Jack Howarth wrote:
>    I hunting down incorrectly linked libraries in debian ppc sid
> which report undefined non-weak symbols. In the case of
> I am puzzled however. The following symbols are picked up as
> undefined non-weak...
> ldd -r /usr/lib/
> => /lib/ (0x0fe80000)
>         /lib/ => /lib/ (0x08000000)
> undefined symbol: ceil  (/usr/lib/
> undefined symbol: floor (/usr/lib/
> undefined symbol: cos   (/usr/lib/
> undefined symbol: sin   (/usr/lib/
> which suggests either linking against /lib/ or
> /usr/lib/ In the case of however
> these symbols are weak...
>  nm -D /lib/ | grep ceil
> 0fe09458 W ceil
> whereas they aren't weak in
> nm -D /usr/lib/ | grep ceil
> 00410090 T ceil
> I am a bit puzzled at why they are weak in and if
> I should be recommending a linkage on -lgcj rather than
> -lm instead. Which is more correct here?

In the very unlikely case libt1 is a Java library you should link against
-lgcj (but then, gcj frontend should take care of it).
Otherwise certainly -lm.
I wonder why unconditionally exports various math functions


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