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Re: Updating/adding locale for Ethiopia and Eritrea in GNU libc.

[Daniel Yacob]
> The collection of new and updated locales for East Africa mentioned here
> earlier is now available in the following package:

This sounds very good.

It is very hard for the glibc maintainers to check that your suggested
locales are correct, because of lack of knowledge regarding this
language, and you did not supply any references (standards, official
documents using the format, etc) specifying the correct content of the
locale.  Please remember to supply some references verifying that your
locales are correct.  It is probably a good idea to include the
references as comments in the locales as well.

> It is awaiting verification of one piece of information (for tig_ER)
> before being submited for inclusion in glibc (hopefully coming in a
> matter of days).

OK.  Looking forward to that.

> The package contains a simple build script, I would appreciate any
> feedback on problems encountered in building and using the locales.

Looking at the sorted lists, I notice the following order:


I believe I've asked before.  Are you sure capital letters (A, B)
should come after small letters (a, b)?  Do any of the glibc
maintainers know why iso14651_t1 uses this order?  In most languages I
know it is the other way around, with A ordered before a.

What is this Abegede Collation?  I suspect it will be easier to get
_one_ collation order included.

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