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sub-optimal LC_TIME in sv_SE (change 23.49 to 23:49)?

I came across a change request for LC_TIME in sv_SE on

The request is to change d_t_fmt and t_fmt to use colon instead of
period for time values, ie 23:49:03 instead of 23.49.03.
The original author of sv_SE, Keld Simonsen, agrees with the

There are two sources for the correct format; some document best
translated as "swedish writing rules" and information from ITS,
Information Technology Standardization.  The latter source is the
source of

The first source claims the format should be 23.49.03, while the
second claims the format should be either 23:49:03 or 23.49.03.

I believe the arguments for using colon are convising, making it
possible to differenciate between dates and clock values.  Because of
this I belive sv_SE should be changed.

But, as I still do not understand the requirement about semi-official
source for the information, I'm not sure if this is enough to get the
change into glibc.  Is this source good enough?

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