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Re: framestate.c breaks when gcc is compiled with --enable-sjlj-exceptions

> > In sysdeps/generic/framestate.c there is a reliance on being able to
> > pull in a fall-back "__frame_state_for" this is not the case when sjlj
> > exception handling is enabled in gcc, as the included unwind-dw2.c 
> > is empty (#ifndef __USING_SJLJ_EXCEPTIONS__)
> Well, don't do that.

Sure, I won't, I can replace it with 'abort' if it doesn't exist in and fallback on that. The subsequent problem is that
unwind-pe.h:base_of_encoded_value requires some of the _Unwind_*
functions in unwind-dw2.c (Obviously since it was pulled into glibc to
meet the minimum required code to provide compatibility).

What I've been discussing with people is "If HPPA is using sjlj, then it
needs the equivalent compat code but from the sjlj side." What is the
equivalent to __frame_stat_for for sjlj? Is there even such a thing. If
you weren't building with DWARF2 was there even a symbol leak for hppa?

Perhaps I just need to stop including the framestate code for hppa
builds. I have to build a stable chroot and do more testing.


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