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Re: mon_grouping bug again

> Could someone comment on how to proceed with this issue.

This patch is about right.  It is necessary for correct behavior according
to the spec that the values from localeconv use the CHAR_MAX value seen by
programs using <limits.h>.  The only reason I have not put it in yet is
concern about the possible effect of the change on existing binaries on
unsigned char platforms that might have been built to work around the
problem.  Since noone representing the affected platforms (arm, ppc, s390,
s390x) has spoken up, I assume it as at least not known to be an issue.
It's a pretty minor breakage if it happens.  

I am also vaguely concerned about people using -fsigned-char, but I don't
see a reasonable way around that.  (It's technically possible, using
separate ABI entry points chosen at compile-time depending on
__CHAR_UNSIGNED__; but that is too ugly to contemplate doing.)  
On platforms where char defaults to unsigned char, using -fsigned-char can
break the standard C environment.

Unless someone pipes up shortly (say by end of Monday), I will put your
change or a similar one in.


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