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Build of glibc 2.3.2 fails --with-tls for i586-pc-linux host

Hi Boris - thansk for the info, but I phrased my original email badly.

I can build glibc fine for i686, but when I tried for an i586 host using --host=i586-pc-linux-gnu, it failed, until I removed --with-tls.

From memory, the failure was compiling rtld.os and had something to do with ldt_entry being undefined. I can reproduce the exact error if required.

When I asked about requirements for tls in my previous message, I really meant "is tls supposed to work for i586 hosts, or is i686 required?"

As I said; remove --with-tls and all is fine.

Andrew Walrond

Hu, Boris wrote:
gcc >= 3.2-10
binutils >=

If I didn't remember wrong. :)


-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew Walrond [mailto:andrew at walrond dot org]
Sent: 2003?4?11? 5:06
To: libc-alpha at sources dot redhat dot com
Subject: Re: --with-tls

Did you configure with --with-tls ? I can build fine without it.

Rodolfo Lima wrote:
>>I am seeing build failures (2.3.2) when I build with
>>Is this to be expected? What are the minimum requirements for tls?
> Building works for me (i586-pc-linux-gnu). "make check" is the one that
> doesn't work.

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