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Request for Assistance!

From:James DeSouza(Regional Director)
National Trust Security Company Sarl
Tel:00228 913 75 30.

Attn:Dear Friend,

I wish this my proposal will not come to you as a surprise. I am James DeSouza, a Regional Director with NATIONAL TRUST SECURITY COMPANY S.A.R.L with regional office in Lome-Togo. We had a foreign client (Mohamed Mohd Salaheldin)who deposited a huge sum
of amount, US$4.5million(Four Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) with our Company. Unfortunately,this client was among the victims of EGYPTAIR FLIGHT NO.990 that crashed on the 31-10-1999
in U.S.A. Confirmable from the below website:( but, since then we have not had any body to come for the claims as the next of kin. A sitaution I have monitored closely with my position in the Company.

Now, having monitored this deposit and managed it over the years before his death, and hence nobody has showed up as the next of kin for the past two years plus, I have removed the file to my "private vault". I now solicit for your assistance to present
you as the next of kin as every other arrangement has being concluded by me and I am only waiting for a foreigner to enable me move the funds to his account. This does not have any risk attached to it as all the internal documentations would be handled b
y me and every loop holes sealed off.

I therefore request you to confirm your interest by a return message and I will furnish you with the full details and what to do concerning this deal. What you stand to gain would be discussed and it is negotiable before the deal commences.

Believing to hear from you soonest.

Kind regards,
James DeSouza.

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