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"make check" failures on ia64


/lib/ (glibc) issues on parisc-linux 2.5 kernel??

/lib/*IND*+0x0): multiple definition of`__divdi3@GLIBC_2.0'

300 Modelos de Cartas comerciais, avisos, convites, propostas, etc.

64-bit mips versions of memcpy and memset

<tgmath.h> lround/llround/lrint/llrint return type fixes

[Bug] Between and glibc causes ld to segfault.

[ glibc clone for linux-mips]

[mips] ABI shouldn't depend on ISA

Re: [parisc-linux] /lib/ (glibc) issues on parisc-linux 2.5 kernel??

[parisc-linux] /lib/ (glibc) issues on parisc-linux 2.5kernel??


[PATCH] aliasing warning in ctype.h

[PATCH] check kernel headers for thread library

[PATCH] ctype.h (another try)

[PATCH] Fix build failure with --enable-kernel=2.5.65; `firstcall' undeclared

Re: [PATCH] Fix build failure with --enable-kernel=2.5.65; `firstcall'undeclared

[PATCH] Fix the error check for the return value of getgroups32

[PATCH] Fixes for _CS_GNU_* handling in confstr()

[PATCH] IA64 extra clone2 flags

Re: [PATCH] mathcalls.h _NAMESPACE_C99 fix

[PATCH] MIPS: cleanup syscalls list

[PATCH] MIPS: move __syscall_error into syscall stub

[PATCH] New getaddinfo implementation

Re: [PATCH] New getifaddrs implementation

[PATCH] nis/rpcsvc/yp.h: fix ypproc_first_2 declaration

[PATCH] po2test.sed is not valid sed

[PATCH] PPC atomic.h PPC64 fixes

Re: [PATCH] PPC fcntl.h define O_DIRECT

[PATCH] PPC Linuxthreads tls.h

Re: [PATCH] PPC linuxthreads tls.h fix

[PATCH] PPC64 bits/atomic.h

[PATCH] PPC64 clone.S

[PATCH] PPC64 dl-machine.h fixes for TLS

[PATCH] PPC64 dl-machine.h fixes for TLS M2

[PATCH] PPC64 elf configure

[PATCH] PPC64 memcpy

[PATCH] PPC64 sysdep.h

[PATCH] PPC64 tls fixes

[PATCH] pthread_atfork() is defined in both unistd.h and pthread.h

[PATCH] Some documentation fix for argp.h and terminal.texi

[PATCH] stdlib/stdlib.h: add missing __USE_BSD ifdef

[patch] tst-nice.c

[PATCH] Use INTERNAL_SYSCALL for setfsuid and setfsgid

[PATCH]: MIPS clone.S compile fix

[PATCH} PPC fix td_thr_get_addr for TLS

[PING] po2test.sed is not valid sed

Add SETUP_GP and others to mips sys/asm.h

Another ARM cancellation patch

Another ARM patch

Re: Binary compatibility loss regarding errno

binutils requirement

Bug generating

bug in linuxthreads/sysdeps/pthread/Makefile

Build failure

Build failure glibc HEAD and gcc 3_3-branch

Build failure with --enable-kernel=2.5.65; `firstcall' undeclared

Can't build glibc for ppc-linux on x86 linux machine

chfirmen jackdt

Copy relocation and protected symbol don't work together

RE: Descramble Digital Cable

Don't compile _dl_resolve_conflicts if there's no RELA support

enable n32 and n64, and move o32 into mips/mips32

Re: enable n32 and n64, and move o32 into mips/mips32tarted checking in n32/n64, but not because of that). It also passed

Re: Error compiling glibc-2.3.1 with gcc-20030310 snapshot.

fail gracefully on program without any loadable sections

Finding the path of the current binary?

Forward: fix EUC-TW return value of TO_LOOP

Function descriptors fall behind Sysdep-cancel, Less failures, and ABI files for Roland.

Re: gethostbyname_r leaks memory

glibc 2.3.2

Re: glibc clone for linux-mips

glibc-2.3.1: Segfault when nis compiled with "- static"

glibc-2.3.2 arm-linux cross compile error

glibc-2.3.2: bug-iconv3.c: is this test failure expected?

Fw: GNU sed: bug in repeated sub expression?


Help with problem

An idea on library loading and symbol lookup

Inconsistency detected by big-endian libraries.

intl/msgs.h is broken

Introduce and use L() for mips local labels

Re: kernel based AIO in glibc?

Re: ld segfaults with long link lines

let gmp-mparam.h choose the type of mp_limb_t

libc-alpha, Immediate Help Needed

libc-alpha, Receive $2,000 daily returning phone calls.

Linux binutils is released

linuxthreads changes for mips64-linux

linuxthreads tst-cancel5 failure

locale-archive is a PDP-11 a.out???

make 64-bit literal constants long long

Make check failure with gcc 3.3

make check failures

make existing mips files multi-ABI

make install install_root problem upgrading from 2.2.5 to 2.3.2

MALLOC_TRACE ends in seg.fault on x86-64 (tst-leaks)

memory limits and thread stack sizes

mips clone missing ENTRY(__thread_start)

mips n64 ioctl micro-optimization

mips64 dl-machine harmless typo

mips64 elf64 reloc data structures

mips64 ieee754 data structures

mips64 lib32, lib64 and ldd

mips64 n32 and n64 suport in elf/

mips64 n32 and n64 support in dl-machine.h

mips64 n32/n64 new files

mips64 n32/n64 register naming conventions

mips64 profiling support

mips64 setjmp fixes

mips64 sigaction changes

mon_grouping bug

New shipping service ex Huangpu to Honolulu

no long double for mips o32

obvious fix for unix/mips/sysdep.S

one more mips64 n32 setjmp/longjmp bug

Optimize for copy relocation

Our Liberty

PATCH: Fix atomic.h for i486

PATCH: Further optimize protected symbol

PATCH: More protected symbol tests

PATCH: Optimize protected symbol lookup

PATCH: Undefined weak symbol bug

PI_STATIC_AND_HIDDEN does not work on ppc32

Powerpc64 glibc and gcc-3.3

ppc relocs

PPC startup code

Re: PPC32 TLS support first cut

preprocess mips64 asm/unistd.h

Problem with the configure test for .set

ptrace for mips n32 and n64

p{read,write}{,64} mips n64 changes

a question about compiling nptl in glibc

Ready To Discover The Secrets?

relocation error __clz_tab

Resource leak in fopen

ret redefines ret_NOERRNO in ia64

RFC: Add STO_COPY (Re: Copy relocation and protected symbol don't work together)

RFC: Add STT_COPY_OBJECT (Re: Copy relocation and protected symbol don't work together)

RFC: STO_COPY again: Re: Copy relocation and protected symbol don't work together

SH patches for glibc 2.3.2

shared library loading performance and prelinking

Statically linking against libutil

tst-aio7 failure

undefined behavior if sizeof(mp_limb_t)>sizeof(long)

Undefined weak symbol bug

use angle brackets in stdlib/fpioconst.h

what if there's no __NR_oldmount nor __NR_mount?

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