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RE: Descramble Digital Cable

UNLOCK Digital Cable - FREE!

Receive All Your Pay-Per-View Channels!

This filter will allow you to receive all the channels that you order with your remote control! PAY-PER-VIEWS, ADULT CHANNELS, MOVIE CHANNELS, SPORTING EVENTS, and other SPECIAL EVENTS. The Filter fits on the cable between the wall jack and the converter box, nothing else needed to be done.

It Doesn't Matter What Cable System you are on or what type and model# of box you are using, all that Matters is the Following: You must be a Subscriber to you Cable Company's Digital Service and have a Digital Cable Box.

NO More Paying! Get all this:

* Sporting PPVs like Wrestling & Boxing
* Adult Cannels (Spice, Playboy, & Hardcore)
* Special Musical Concerts 
* Blockbuster New Release PPV Movies

Click Here to get yours & SAVE Today!

Plus Get FREE Box shipping for your privacy! Save $1000's on future purchases & swicth to Digital cable if you haven't for these Huge savings!

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