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Re: [PATCH] New getifaddrs implementation

On Fri, Mar 28, Ulrich Drepper wrote:

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> Thorsten Kukuk wrote:
> > here is the next try of a IPv6 ready getifaddrs() implementation.
> > I make only one calloc for the whole struct given back to the caller,
> Looks good.  There were three bugs or so which I corrected, a few
> optimizations, and a bit of cleanup.  The result is checked in.  Thanks,

Are you sure that the following change from you is correct?

From getifaddrs():
  if (netlink_open (&nh) < 0)
       no_netlink_support = 1;
       return -1;

  if (no_netlink_support)
    return fallback_getifaddrs (ifap);

With this change, we try at first if kernel has AF_NETLINK support.
If not, we set no_netlink_support to 1. Now we try at every further
call if we have netlink support, but independend of the result, we
will always call the fallback function. This means, if there is no
netlink support we will always make a useless try to open a socket.
And if netlink support is loaded later, we will leak a socket every


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