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Re: enable n32 and n64, and move o32 into mips/mips32

> Err...  First, I'm told it's best to submit patches in small pieces.
> Then, I'm asked to hold off and submit the whole shebang when it
> works.  I'm confused :-)

No, I said wait until you have a build that works before submitting partial
changes.  That is quite separate from how many distinct pieces you submit.
You didn't say before that you didn't have a working build in your tree, so
I presumed that you did.  Changes should not go in unless they have been
tested or at least compiled, and they can't be considered tested if the
source tree in which you made the edits has not completed a build.  I
thought you were merging your working port into glibc, not committing
unfinished code.  

There is no reason not to submit isolated changes that do compile, like
most of what you have done.  Once your source tree compiles so that all
your changes are at least nominally tested, then submit small batches of
changes that are logically related.  This is not hard to do.  If you
maintain ChangeLog entries in canonical form as you work, then a related
set of changes is in a single paragraph of log entry, and it's easy to see
from looking over your unsubmitted log entries where a few paragraphs are
small enough, similar enough, or change the same files for separate purposes,
so that it makes sense to put more than one paragraph's worth in one patch.

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