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Help with problem


I wonder if anyone can help me with something that is
driving me absolutely crazy?

I try to compile glibc-2.3.2 here and keep getting a segfault
when the procedure uses the newly created binary in there.
Editing the file elf/dl-minimal.c and moving the forward referenced
up in the file so I don't need any forward ref any more produces
a valid ???
My binutils is the newest I could find:
and gcc is 3.2.2.

I haved removed all ref:s to old ld-stuff I could find as this is an old system
upgraded many many times and there probably were some old stuff in there.
I even reinstalled the whole of my /usr/include...
Have recompiled binutils many times, same with gcc.
All tests pass on both.

I solved the problem by installing the RPM from redhat for the 2.3.2, but
the real problem really bother me!!!

Do I have gremlins in the system or???

Any hints on where to look would be appreciated.


Dag Nygren                               email: dag at newtech dot fi
Oy Espoon NewTech Ab                     phone: +358 9 8024910
Träsktorpet 3                              fax: +358 9 8024916
02360 ESBO                              Mobile: +358 400 426312

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