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/lib/ (glibc) issues on parisc-linux 2.5 kernel??

Hello libc hackers,

I am investigating a problem that occurs between
and the kernel on the 2.4 (w/o the added hack to fix this) and 2.5 
kernels. The problem manifested itself when I tried to run the ltp
tests, and is shown below:

rbrad at vega:~$ /lib/ --verify /bin/sh
Inconsistency detected by rtld.c: 879: dl_main: Assertion
`_rtld_local._dl_rtld_map.l_libname' failed!

The system is running Debian Linux with this version of glibc:
ii  libc6          2.3.1-14       GNU C Library: Shared libraries and

The complete email thread on the parisc-linux list is located at:

I have basically tracked this mis-match down to this problem:

With this statement in the kernel (fs/binfmt_elf.c:create_elf_tables())

	NEW_AUX_ENT(AT_ENTRY, exec->e_entry);

The user_entry and ENTRY_POINTS are:

	user_entry: 41001fb4
	ENTRY_POINT: 41027082

With this statement not present, and the interpreter_type == 0 (No
Interpreter) .. the user_entry and ENTRY_POINT match.  [Note: The
assert goes away at this point].

	user_entry: 41027082
	ENTRY_POINT: 41027082

So at this point, I am not sure if the kernel is setting the
exec->e_entry incorrectly, or if the ENTRY_POINT needs to be adjusted
in glibc for the hppa platform.

Carlos O'Donell suggested I forward this message to this list for
additional advice.  Please cc me on any replies since I am not
subscribed to this list.


- Ryan

Ryan Bradetich <rbradetich at uswest dot net>

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