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Re: make existing mips files multi-ABI

Andreas Jaeger wrote:
Alexandre Oliva <aoliva at redhat dot com> writes:

How about letting the rest in, while I investigate what (if anything)
needs changing in these headers?

Ok - but let's wait for Uli's comments first.

Who cares what Uli thinks? He is not looking at this in an objective or rational manner. He has already passed judgment and apparently will not listen to any reason. I don't think he has the right to reject code on superfluous reasons such as he doesn't like the ABI or the way it looks. At the very least, I'd like hear that someone else agrees with him based on his points. I find that, in each objection, his comments are petulant and have no argumentative merit. Alexandre has continued to make every effort to satisfy Uli, but it seems it is still not good enough for him. Why can't he be a little more open to compromise? This is, after all, not his project alone. Yes, I know that he made a significant amount of contributions to glibc2, but that doesn't mean he owns the code. Instead of whining about the mips ABI and code readability, why not make reasonable, constructive suggestions on what he feels needs to be done? Also, what is achieved by doing an implementation which is totally divergent from accepted standards (however broken he may feel they are)? Isn't it a goal to be compliant with generally accepted platform standards?

I've been lurking on this list for awhile now, so I'm not just "trolling". Also, I am not a glibc contributor, mostly because my plate is full in other areas. However, as a user and supporter of glibc, I feel that I have the right to make my opinion known. This is not my opinion alone, as I know many others who grow weary of Uli's arrogance and unwillingness to cooperate with contributors for other platforms which are not as popular as sparc*/ppc*/axp/x86* (his little tirade back at the beginning of January is case&point). Doesn't the glibc homepage make it quite clear that one of the current goals/projects is to port glibc to other platforms/operating systems? I see Alexandre's work as a step in that direction, in that it rounds out a port which has been, up until now, incomplete. Am I wrong in this assumption?


( Flame away if you want, I don't care :-P )

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