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Re: make existing mips files multi-ABI

On Mar 14, 2003, Andreas Jaeger <aj at suse dot de> wrote:

>> +	SETUP_GPX($0)
>> +	SETUP_GPX64($25,$0)

> Is this change correct?  I didn't find the definition of SETUP_GP/GPX
> directly.

Yup, they're added to sys/asm.h in one of the pending patches.

> I don't like the XXX here...
>> +    long int pad[4];	/* XXX */

> and here.  What's the problem?

I don't remember.  I wrote this a very long time ago.  I'll have to
look more closely into this.  

>> -    unsigned long int st_rdev;	/* Device number, if device.  */
>> -    long int st_pad2[3];
>> +    unsigned int st_rdev;	/* Device number, if device.  */

> And also here?  That would be following Posix.

This may very well be unnecessary.  I may have tweaked this to look
like the kernel data structures before knowing better.

How about letting the rest in, while I investigate what (if anything)
needs changing in these headers?

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