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Re: mips64 n32 and n64 support in dl-machine.h

On Mar 14, 2003, Roland McGrath <roland at redhat dot com> wrote:

> Making prelink work is the test of
> it, and that can get done before a glibc release with the new code.

I don't know of anyone planning on doing prelink for mips, and I
suppose that, if it's to be done, it should be done in an
ABI-compliant way (i.e., using the same mechanisms that Irix
quickstart uses), and not by inventing something else.  Dynamic RELA
is not needed, and AFAIK it's not part of the MIPS ELF64 ABI, so I'd
rather not rely on it.

> then the elf_machine_rela code going into the sources can be
> put off as well

Even though I've already thought of at least a few differences, and
adjusted the code to this effect?  This would be sad.  But I don't
care all that much.  I'd much rather prevent it from rotting by
rejecting changes that modify rel but not rela.

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