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Re: [PATCH] PPC64 tls fixes

> Yes.  The thing that makes this question a little curly is that
> TPREL16 relocs will only be dynamic if a shared lib is compiled
> using the LE model.  Doing so is every bit as silly as using non-PIC
> shared libs, perhaps even more silly, so it may be better for the
> linker just to bomb on finding these relocs.

These relocs will only be produced for non-PIC code, period.  Right?  In
PIC code, the only TPREL relocs are in the TOC and that's only TPREL64.
It's IE-model non-PIC code that will be the issue.  This is arguably no
more dubious than non-PIC code in a shared library is to begin with.

> I added support in the linker because it was easy to do, and it's
> generally a good idea to be permissive in what the linker accepts.  On
> the other hand, we don't want to bloat code in

What we want is a clear spec on what is kosher and to support everything
that is valid under the ABI as specified.  If non-PIC code is not kosher,
then fine, we won't support it.  But that's not what you said before. must support everything that is specified to be valid.

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