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Could your company use an unfair advantage against the tough competition?  How about 300 MILLION emails going out on your behalf this week?  

LeadsMaster is able to manage a website on your behalf through our overseas partners designed specifically for your company, that are able to handle a large volume of submits without any complaints.  Using severs in India, Argentina, Spain, and Brazil, we will do a bulk mailing campaign to our 53 Million PERMISSION BASED (OPTIN) names for your newly built website.   You say you already have a site?  Of Course you do, but can you send 300 Million emails out without worrying that you will get shut down for complaints?  The website will be designed for one reason only.  TO MAKE YOU MONEY!  

Our partners operate on a prepaid CPM basis only, no exceptions, minimum is 100 Million emails,  cost starts at .30 CPM.  The site is free.

To find out more about the many ways LeadsMaster is able to help you, give me a call at the number below.  

    Sean Roozen

    Senior Account Manager

    Leads Master

    Phone: (702) 334-2166- direct

    Fax: (775)562-2627


-Long Form Debt Consolidation Leads
-Short Form Debt Consolidation Leads
-Credit Repair Leads
-Long Form Mortgage Leads
-Long Form Insurance Leads
-Custom Lead Generation
-Bankruptcy Leads
-New Car Buying Leads
-Investor Leads
-Targeted Internet Email Campaigns
-CoRegistration Campaigns

If this email has arrived in error, please forgive me as I thought you may be interested in or would benefit from our services.  I have asked the IT guys in our office in Budapesh to create a remove account for me.  So to be removed from ever hearing from me again, please email  These emails are not read, only the from addresses collected as they come in.  Kindly, Sean 

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