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Re: still building soft-fp on ppclinux


It seems clear that the problem is that you have duplicate
files in both sysdeps/powerpc/fpu and sysdeps/powerpc/soft-fp
but the current setup always favors the ones in later because
of the ordering of the directories on config-sysdirs in
config.make. This results in the wrong set of files being built
on a G4 with the resulting undefined symbols for


It seems there are only two solutions. One would be to
hack things to cause the ordering of sysdeps/powerpc/fpu and
sysdeps/powerpc/soft-fp in the config-sysdirs enviromental of
config.make to be reversed depending on which build was needed
so that the right files are found first. The second approach
would be to collapse all the common files from...

libm-support = k_standard s_lib_version s_matherr s_signgam		\
	       fclrexcpt fgetexcptflg fraiseexcpt fsetexcptflg		\
	       ftestexcept fegetround fesetround fegetenv feholdexcpt	\
	       fesetenv feupdateenv t_exp fedisblxcpt feenablxcpt	\

into a single set of files with ifdefs to select between the code
differences (based on the completely_soft environmental for control).
That may be the cleaner solution perhaps.

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