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Re: still building soft-fp on ppclinux

On Fri, Oct 18, 2002 at 05:18:47PM -0700, Roland McGrath wrote:
> Oops, didn't mean to send such a short reply.
> Like I said, it's buggy.  If the intent is that all powerpc32 builds
> contain this code, then it needs to be moved from powerpc/soft-fp to
> powerpc32 directly the directory order to work out properly in the
> --with-fp (default) case.  If the intent is that only --without-fp builds
> should get this code, then it needs to be fixed a different way.
> I haven't heard any explanation for exactly what this code is supposed to
> provide where.  It doesn't seem like it was tested before it was checked in.

Sorry about not responding to this thread earlier.  I was out for the
day, and will be out till late Sunday.

Yes, this code was heavily tested both with and without fpu.  Uli said
he had changed a few things related to exporting of symbols, perhaps
this is the cause of the problems, not sure.

The soft infrastructure should only be pulled in with --target of
powerpc-unknown-linux-gnusoft, which will also pass --without-fp

The __addsf*, etc routines need to be exported because gcc emits calls
to those.  If they're hidden, you'll get link failures.

I'll update my copies late this weekend and try to address any
problems resulting from this.  Sorry I can't do it earlier; I need to
pick up friends from the airport for the weekend...


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