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Re: FreeBSD port (59): new meta files

> If you prefer that. Here it is. Of course much of it makes sense only
> with the other files that you have wished to see later.

These files that control the build are necessary to understand all the
other sources fully, so having them on hand makes the the others easier to
work through.

I don't think I will include the new Implies files that just contain comments.
That situation can be adequately explained elsewhere.

Some other things here show me things that need to be updated for recent
libc changes.

> + - getresuid(), getresgid(), setresuid(), setresgid() are undeclared.

Not any more.

> + - issetugid() is undeclared.

We might want to consider adding this call to libc for all platforms.
Its meaning on BSD is more restrictive than __libc_enable_secure, but similar.

> + - setrgid(), setruid() are removed.

Do you want to include these functions in libc?  If we include them on any
platform, I think we should include them on all and declare them in unistd.h.

> + ifeq ($(subdir),io)
> + # For <unistd.h>.
> + sysdep_routines += sys_getcwd sys_lseek
[... many more ...]

Aren't these modules syscalls.list calls?  If so, you don't have to list
them in the makefile as well.  If they are extra calls just put EXTRA in
the second column and they will be included in the misc directory

In your version script, [gs]etres[ug]id and [fl]utimes are now there
generically already.  I've just now added lchmod as well.

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