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Re: glibc cvs failure on ppclinux

On 17 Oct, Jack Howarth wrote:
>    I am now seeing a new build failure in tonight's glibc cvs
> which wasn't present last night. This failure occurs on both
> a redhat 8.0 based ppclinux and debian ppc sid system. The failure
> occurs at...
> make[2]: Entering directory `/home/howarth/libc/locale'
> compiling locale/localedef with compile errors of the form...
> /home/howarth/libc/build-powerpc-linux/locale/localedef.o(.text+0x9be): In function `normalize_codeset':
> /home/howarth/libc/locale/../include/ctype.h:28: undefined reference to `__libc_tsd_CTYPE_B_data'
> /home/howarth/libc/build-powerpc-linux/locale/localedef.o(.text+0x9c2):/home/howarth/libc/locale/../include/ctype.h:28: undefined reference to `__libc_tsd_CTYPE_B_data'
> This error is occuring with or without the --without-tls configure option.
>                            Jack

I didn't have this error in today's glibc.
Then I cannot find __libc_tsd_CTYPE_B_data in my installed include/ctype.h:28.
Also  glibc/ctype/ctype.h doesn't have `__libc_tsd_CTYPE_B_data'

Why ??


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