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db1 vs glibc 2.3

   Can anyone shed any light on this issue. Debian has created a db1-compat
package for use with glibc 2.2.5 and 2.3 since db1 has been removed from
those. Unfortunately they never tested the build of this package against
glibc 2.3. I discovered that this build fails first at...

cc -I. -D_REENTRANT -D__DBINTERFACE_PRIVATE -DUSE_LIBDB1 -D_LIBC -D_GNU_SOURCE -O2 -c -fPIC -o bt_close.os btree/bt_close.c
In file included from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-linux/3.2.1/include/stdio.h:81,
                 from btree/bt_close.c:44:
/usr/include/libio.h:340: parse error before "attribute_hidden"
/usr/include/libio.h:341: parse error before "attribute_hidden"
/usr/include/libio.h:342: parse error before "attribute_hidden"
make: *** [bt_close.os] Error 1

I can work around that by adding the -D__need_FILE flag to the Makefile
and the build proceeds much further until it fails at...

cc -I. -D_REENTRANT -D__DBINTERFACE_PRIVATE -DUSE_LIBDB1 -D_LIBC -D_GNU_SOURCE -D__need_FILE -O2 -c -fPIC -o mpool.os mpool/mpool.c
mpool/mpool.c: In function `__mpool_new':
mpool/mpool.c:138: `stderr' undeclared (first use in this function)
mpool/mpool.c:138: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
mpool/mpool.c:138: for each function it appears in.)
make: *** [mpool.os] Error 1

Any idea how to deal with that? Or is the -D__need_FILE the wrong thing
to do and I'm going down a dead-end here? Thanks in advance for any

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