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Re: [PATCH] ppc64 utmp changes

Jakub Jelinek writes:

> Attached are two version of the updated patch.
> The first one is how it should look like at the end (well,
> with Roland's Implies change bits/wordsize.h headers could stay where
> they are and sparc wordsize.h headers could move up one level),
> the second one is alternative patch which doesn't change anything for x86
> and other unaffected architectures (with the exception of utmpdump.c
> Note that struct lastlog hasn't been changed in the original patch but
> it has the same problem as struct utmp and struct utmpx.
> I haven't changed s390x, but IMHO it is better to recompile the affected
> apps now in the /usr/lib -> /usr/lib64 transition which changes most
> of the things anyway, than to suffer forever.

Jakub I don't understand why you split powerpc/bits/wordsize.h into
powerpc32/bits and powerpc64/bits. Especially since you left the
"#if defined __powerpc64__" conditional in both versions. Either leave
wordsize.h where it was and use the "#if defined" or move them and get
rid of the "#if defines". I prefer wordsize.h where it was :)

This is also true for sparc/bits/wordsize.h and s390/bits/wordsize.h

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