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Re: [PATCH] glibc 2.2.94 - hppa - fcntl64


> Both the log entries and the patch here are botched.  You must test your
> patches before you send them.  Please observe the change log conventions
> more closely.  Your entries have inadequate detail and are not in canonical
> form.

How the patch it botched? 

	1- Patch doesn't apply cleanly.
	2- Semantically incorrect.
	3- Completely erroneous.
	4- Code is not formatted correctly.

I admit the following errors in the changelog:

	a- Missing ":" after the file name and before the descriptive text.
	b- Insuffient detail.

Do you use the term 'canonical' to mean 'simplified' or rather
'conforming to a general rule'?
> > Are there any plans to make this generic?
> I think we can move the linux/i386/fcntl.c file to linux.  Almost all the
> architectures have both syscalls from what I can see.  Architectures where
> there is just one syscall can have linux/ARCH/syscalls.list define fcntl
> and that will override the linux/fcntl.c file.


Thanks for you time Roland.


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