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Re: ready for 2.3?

On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 10:14:22AM -0700, Ulrich Drepper wrote:
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> Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > and spent the whole last week on compiling glibc
> > 'gain and again until I got the overzealous hidden symbols digged out of
> > their hiding place.  A couple of other fixes are already committed by
> > Roland in the last days.
> Why overzealous?  Why do you need to call implementations outside the libc?

I am not sure I understand the last question.  But the in the Hurd
needs to get the glibc definitions of __libc_read, __libc_write, __xstat64,
__fxstat64, __getpid etc to make dlopen work properly at runtime.  The full
list of shared functions is in sysdeps/mach/hurd/Versions.  Making them
hidden prototypes causes them to not get a PLT entry in, which breaks
stuff (because the minimal implementation in sysdeps/mach/hurd/dl-sysdeps.c
is called instead the glibc definition).

After I got the PLT entries in, and made sure that the glibc functions
where exported under their real name (and not __GI_ prefixed), everything
worked as expected.  dlopen (and thus nss) works again.


`Rhubarb is no Egyptian god.' GNU
Marcus Brinkmann              The Hurd

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