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Re: more prelink

   I think I have stumbled over another issue with prelink that
could be problematic unless addressed. Currently the glibc srpms
are using a postinst script to prelink with the
--reloc-only flag so it is relinked to the specified base address.
If I do that on entropy with...

/usr/sbin/prelink --reloc-only=0x40000 /lib/

and then do a...

prelink -nav see what complete prelink would do, I find...

Would prelink /lib/

Isn't that going to undo the --reloc-only prelinking we just did?
If so it seems that any relinking via prelink to a specified address
by postinst scripts of packages will be very fragile and easily lost
if the user ever uses -a with prelink. Is there way prelink could 
distinguish shared libs treated with --reloc-only vs normal prelinking
such that these files could be passed over by prelink when -a is invoked? 
   If that were possible, you could special case these shared libs that
had been treated with --reloc-only so that they would be passed over
if prelink were executing with the -a flag and only prelinked if 
explicitly passed to prelink on the command line. 

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