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Re: evolution vs prelink on debian ppc sid

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Roland McGrath wrote:

> We have to do something with objects that don't have the new tag, i.e. all
> objects that exist now.

We have to do something, correct, but the answer can be very simple:
don't do anything (in prelink that is).

This restriction can perhaps be relaxed a bit if we can recognize at
link-time that we will not run into trouble at runtime.  This will
require incorporating knowledge of in prelink which isn't pretty
but also not too bad.

Adding code to to work around non-fatal limitations in old tools
is something I really cannot agree to.  We will never be able to ged rid
of this again so let's not even start.

Unless sometbody sees a problem I'll proceed and try to get DT_DYNSYM_SZ
accepted into the gABI.

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