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Re: [PATCH] ppc64 LD_PRELOAD tolerance

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Steve Munroe wrote:

> Perhaps some addition dynamic symbols can improve this. For example
> ($LIB32) indicates explicitly that only exists for 32-bit and
> should be ignored for 64-bit. Of ($skip64) could be added to the end
> of the LD_PRELOAD string to recover from the first scenario.

No.  We are not going to add an own programming language to the
LD_PRELOAD handling.  If you need a DSO only for 32-bit create a dummy
for 64-bit.  This is no problem since LD_PRELOAD should never be used
lightly; it should always and only be used in invocations of one
program.  It mustn't be in the environment and exported.  LD_PRELOAD is
means for temporary work arounds and testing etc.  If you need it to get
a program running write a shell script wrapper which uses LD_PRELOAD.
But that's it.

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