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Re: LD_DEBUG=statistics and hp timing

   Thanks for the explanation. That leads to a prelink question. 
How exactly should one use prelink when dealing with programs
which load shared libs as modules via dlopen? I had assumed one
would definitely have to pass a --ld-library-path= to prelink
with the directory path to such modules. However it was unclear
to me if one needed to use -a as well to force any shared libs
(modules) in that dir to be prelinked or if presenting prelink
with the directory path via --ld-library-path was sufficient.
I guess one can always check this with LD_DEBUG=statistics by
making sure the final relocations are zero after prelinking
for anything that loads modules. 
ps Would it be possible to get LD_DEBUG=statistics to output 
references for exactly which binaries the stats are coming from?
For some programs like openoffice and mozilla it can become 
difficult to sort out which set of statistics belong to which
binary being executed. It would be nice if there was an additional
field in the output simply referencing the binary name in question.

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