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[Copyright Assignment] -> glibc 2.2.94 - hppa - pthreads support

> > Modified patch: removed files related to IPC on hppa, and updated
> > for PowerPC 32/64 pt-machine.h split to match latest 2.2.94 changes.  
> You keep sending patch after patch but the main question remains
> unanswered: does the FSF have all the necessary assignments?  Who write
> the changes?  Only you?  We need assignments from everybody who
> contributed in significant amounts and their employers.

Unspoken questions remain unanswered ;)

Clearly, I'm not the only one who has written changes, and the 
posted changelog indicates this.

I thought it was common courtesy and convention to check all of 
this _before_ posting patches to libc-alpha. 

I have checked with all the authors who have changed and added code.

All those who modified code while under the employment of Linuxcare,
sold the copyright to HP. HP has blanket futures for glibc, thus all 
the HP employee's who have modified the code also have blanket futures
for glibc.

The following people have copyright assignment for changes:

- Matthew Wilcox (Linuxcare, now HP employee)
- Alan Modra (Linuxcare employee, now IBM)
- David Huggins-Daines (Linuxcare employee)

The following people are in the process of procuring copyright 

- Carlos O'Donell
- Randolph Chung 

If anything is still not clear, or possibly erroneous, please let 
me know. If you would like a more authoritative answer, I'll
get in contact with Alan Meyer at HP.


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