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Re: [PATCH] ppc64 utmp changes

Roland McGrath writes:

> As Jakub pointed out, `struct timeval32' is a name space problem.  I
> really like to avoid adding new published types with kludge names (even
> when prefixed by __ to avoid standard name space issues).  Is there any
> other place that might use struct timeval32?  Would it work to just make
> an anonymous struct inside struct utmp/utmpx?

Only utmp/utmpx so far in glibc. However other packages may have a similar
problem and will look to glibc for how to solve it.

For the know problem (utmp/utmpx) an anonymous struct sould work.

> Is there anything but the struct timeval32 definition that would ever
> use __time32_t and __suseconds32_t?

Again for glibc only __timeval32 so far. And again there may be other
package that share timeval or __time_t between 32- and 64-bit applications.

This issue may be isolated (to glibc) now but could grow as applications
exploit 64-bit. Only time will tell.

However time is short and I am willing to try the anonymous struct to get
this function into glibc-2.3.

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