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Re: Trouble adding ColdFire support to glibc-2.2.5

Peter Barada <> writes:

|> I'm in the midst of adding ColdFire v4e support to glibc so I can
|> build linux applications, and I'm having some trouble.
|> I first modified gcc-3.2 to make the defaults in
|> gcc/config/m68k/linux.h only generate/accept ColdFire v4e opcodes, and

Linux/m68k assumes 68020+, so you'll have to use a different target.

|> This is due to glibc beliving that all 68k's support these
|> instructions which ColdFire does not.
|> 1) What is the best way to get glibc built in a hurry so I can unblock
|>    others doing kernel development?

If you are in a hurry you can just remove the offending files, then more
general files will be picked up.

|> 2) Can I disable the construction of sysdep/m68020(and are there
|>    generic functions to replace these 'sysdep' ones)?
|> 3) How can I add a sysdep/m68k/coldfire directory and place in it the
|>    coldfire versions of those functions that it supports?

You need to set base_machine and machine appropriately for your target in


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