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Re: linux-mips build fix

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Franz Sirl wrote:

Has this shared loader fallback been removed? Damned, it was even documented somewhere, but I can't find it right now.
You must be confusing that with something else, perhaps weak symbols.

Local symbols never appeared in the dynamic symbol table, never did. Look at

readelf -s <somebinaryordso>

and compare the .dynsym and the .symtab sections. The latter, if present, contains all the symbols, while the former only contains the non-local symbols (the only local entries are the SECTION "symbols" but this is just a GNU ld thing). The .symtab table is not loaded at runtime (look at the program header) so there is no way it can be looked at.

I cannot answer your question about the mysterious problems since I never saw them nor analyzed them. But adding HIDDEN to a local symbol cannot change anything after the linker finished its work.

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