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Re: linux-mips build fix

At 08:17 19.09.2002, Ulrich Drepper wrote:
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Franz Sirl wrote:

Hmm, maybe even better, would something along the patch below be acceptable for you? It's incomplete, but it should show you the idea.
I don't think it's necessary. Besides, the attached patch really doesn't work at all (Makefile typo, i386 divdi3 doesn't build anymore).
Yes, I know it doesn't build, it was just a quick diff to show the principle. But the complete divdi3 patch I sent a bit later certainly should work on x86 too. Though x86 has to pay the price with 4 additional PLT entries, cause it has the symbols with linktime reference.

The code in CVS works for you, right? So there isn't a need to change anything on that large of a scale.
Yes, it works fine on PPC, just trying to give some lagging platforms a hand :-). Going the way I suggested makes sure the general building of divdi3.c on all wordsize-32 platforms doesn't cause any compatibility problems, so I hide all 4 symbols except on x86 with it's linktime reference.

Note that with Jakub's patch in now, for some platforms the symbol type changed from "LOCAL HIDDEN" (because they were pulled from libgcc) to "LOCAL DEFAULT", so they are visible for linking now.


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