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Re: kill 15 more PLT entries

> Here are patches to remove 15 PLT slots from libc on FreeBSD. Also tested
> on Linux.

Thanks for the work.  In future, please group all your log entries and
other remarks at the top.  It is a real pain to go find them all
interspersed with the diffs.  If things are separate enough to warrant
substantial separate comment, just put each one in a separate message.

> 2) __sysctl is exported because some other libraries need it, but it is
> not meant to be overridden.
> 10) xdrstdio_create.

I put these in.

> 5) passwd2des.

I redid this one differently.  When all the references are in the same
file, then it is simpler and less tool-dependent to just use a static
function with a global alias.  

> 3) getrlimit, setrlimit, sysconf. Here the reloc can simply be avoided by
> using the unexported __ variant.

I am not putting in the various ones that you did in this fashion.  I think
they should be done with libc_hidden_proto instead.  The __ names exist for
name space control (which now is only relevant to static linking), and
using them in more places both uglifies code unnecessarily and makes less
clear where using __ names is proper.  e.g. sysconf is a POSIX.1 function
and so any function outside ISO C can freely use it by its normal name.

> 1) __libc_free, __libc_malloc, __libc_realloc.
> These are not meant to be overridden by the user, so the reloc is
> unnecessary.

Where do the references to these come from?

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