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Re: Build failures in powerpc32/powerpc64 related to _exit

> Does any one know the final resolution of this? (will _exit be hidden or
> not?)

It will.  I'm putting in the remaining changes and will try a build on
powerpc32 to make sure it's ok there too.

> The other issue is that powerpc32 does not define its own INLINE_SYSCALL
> macro and the default INLINE_SYSCALL macro generates a  reference to
> __syscall_exit which is unresolved.

This should be fixed in both places, I think.  That is, the INLINE_SYSCALL
macro is a worthwhile optimization and ought to be added for every platform.
OTOH, as much as possible of the generic code ought to work for platforms
that are new or not yet optimized, so we should fix the generic version so
it's likely to link correctly.  I will look into it.

> Is any one else working on this? Powerpc64 has its own INLINE_SYSCALL
> macro and I could take a stab at it ...

It should be easy enough from what I can see.  I might get to it tonight,
otherwise certainly send a patch if you get to it.

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