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Re: linux-mips build fix

On Thursday 12 September 2002 20:40, Franz Sirl wrote:
> On Thursday 12 September 2002 20:26, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> > On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 08:21:57PM +0200, Franz Sirl wrote:
> > > Hmm, I haven't checked yet, but if the Makefile in sysdeps/wordsize-32/
> > > is used, is it still assured that it prefers and uses
> > > sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc32/divdi3.c on ppc32?
> >
> > Sure, those Makefile hunks just add divdi3 into sysdep_routines.
> > Where is divdi3 located is a vpath question which is unrelated.
> Ah, yes, sorry, I was confused :-).
> > > BTW, can't we INTDEF and hide all 4 divdi3 routines?
> >
> > INTDEF doesn't hide __divdi3, it adds a __divdi3_internal alias (the
> > more recent version of this is libc_hidden_proto() and libc_hidden_def())
> > which is hidden, so it is something else than what ppc32 does.
> Uhm, I meant moving the hunk which hides __divdi3 and friends too. Wouldn't
> this save some PLT entries for implicit uses of this functions on platforms
> that don't version&export them? Or is it enough if they are not listed in
> any Version file to accomplish that?

Hmm, maybe even better, would something along the patch below be acceptable 
for you? It's incomplete, but it should show you the idea.

If it's OK, I'll finish it and add the other platforms CPPFLAGS-divdi3.c 
Makefile entries.
Any comments/change requests?


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