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question on how to debug linuxthreads


I've tried again to debug the pthread problems I encountered while working 
on GStreamer.

At this point I feel I need to compile linuxthreads with debugging 
information so the gdb backtraces can begin to make sense to me.

I have looked for info on how other people debug something as complex as 
glibc but found nothing that could help me further.

Here's what I currently do :

a) get the rh73 glibc source rpm
b) install it
c) unpack the source and apply patches
d) configure glibc with add-ons enabled, and a prefix somewhere in my 
e) run "make" in linuxthreads and make all intermediary targets from other 
parts of the source tree manually until it is satisfied
f) run "make install"

Now, my question is, whill this partial compile and install (of only 
linuxthreads) actually be usable to debug my problems with libpthread ? Or 
are there other things I need to consider here when trying to debug this ?



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