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Re: still problems memset and bug-regex11

On  8 Sep, To: wrote:
> HI!
> Thanks your hard works.
> I still have problems in today cvs glibc-2.2.93 source.
> top changelog is
> 2002-09-04  Bruno Haible  <>
> 	* sysdeps/generic/bits/ustat.h: Comment fix.
> my mashine is powerpc linux g4(32bit)
> Here is result.
> Kaoru
> --------1st problem------------------------
> src/redhat/BUILD/libc/build-ppc-linux/posix/bug-regex11.out
> make[2]: *** [/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/libc/build-ppc-linux/posix/bug-regex11.out] Error 1
> 39
> make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/libc/posix'
> make[1]: *** [posix/tests] Error 2
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/libc'
> make: *** [check] Error 2
> [root@g4mpkfukui build-ppc-linux]# 

This problem result is this 

(gdb) file bug-regex11
(gdb) run
Starting program: /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/libc/build-ppc-linux/posix/bug-regex11 

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x0ff6cd40 in proceed_next_node () from /lib/

(gdb) where
#0  0x0ff6cd40 in proceed_next_node () from /lib/
#1  0x0ff66068 in set_regs () from /lib/
#2  0x0ff65878 in re_search_internal () from /lib/
#3  0x0ff6bc60 in regexec () from /lib/
#4  0x100005b4 in main () at bug-regex11.c:45
#5  0x0fec1f6c in __libc_start_main () from /lib/

	0xff6c9c0	<proceed_next_node>:		stwu	r1,-112(r1)
-	0xff6c9c4	<proceed_next_node+4>:		mflr	r8
-	0xff6c9c8	<proceed_next_node+8>:		stw	r8,116(r1)
-	0xff6c9cc	<proceed_next_node+12>:		stw	r27,92(r1)
-	0xff6c9d0	<proceed_next_node+16>:		lwz	r27,0(r3)
-	0xff6c9d4	<proceed_next_node+20>:		stw	r20,64(r1)
-	0xff6c9d8	<proceed_next_node+24>:		mr	r20,r7
-	0xff6c9dc	<proceed_next_node+28>:		lwz	r8,12(r27)
-	0xff6c9e0	<proceed_next_node+32>:		stw	r21,68(r1)
-	0xff6c9e4	<proceed_next_node+36>:		mr	r21,r6
-	0xff6c9e8	<proceed_next_node+40>:		stw	r22,72(r1)
-	0xff6c9ec	<proceed_next_node+44>:		mr	r7,r8
-	0xff6c9f0	<proceed_next_node+48>:		stw	r24,80(r1)
-	0xff6c9f4	<proceed_next_node+52>:		li	r22,-1
-	0xff6c9f8	<proceed_next_node+56>:		stw	r25,84(r1)
-	0xff6c9fc	<proceed_next_node+60>:		mr	r24,r4
-	0xff6ca00	<proceed_next_node+64>:		stw	r26,88(r1)
-	0xff6ca04	<proceed_next_node+68>:		mr	r25,r5
-	0xff6ca08	<proceed_next_node+72>:		stw	r29,100(r1)
-	0xff6ca0c	<proceed_next_node+76>:		mr	r26,r3
-	0xff6ca10	<proceed_next_node+80>:		stw	r31,108(r1)
-	0xff6ca14	<proceed_next_node+84>:		rlwinm	r29,r6,3,0,28
-	0xff6ca18	<proceed_next_node+88>:		stw	r19,60(r1)
-	0xff6ca1c	<proceed_next_node+92>:		add	r4,r29,r8
-	0xff6ca20	<proceed_next_node+96>:		stw	r23,76(r1)
-	0xff6ca24	<proceed_next_node+100>:		mr	r31,r6
-	0xff6ca28	<proceed_next_node+104>:		stw	r28,96(r1)
-	0xff6ca2c	<proceed_next_node+108>:		stw	r30,104(r1)
-	0xff6ca30	<proceed_next_node+112>:		lbz	r3,4(r4)
-	0xff6ca34	<proceed_next_node+116>:		cmpwi	r3,32
-	0xff6ca38	<proceed_next_node+120>:		mfcr	r0
-	0xff6ca3c	<proceed_next_node+124>:		stw	r0,8(r1)
-	0xff6ca40	<proceed_next_node+128>:		beq-	0xff6ce40 <proceed_next_node+1152>
-	0xff6ca44	<proceed_next_node+132>:		add	r10,r29,r7
-	0xff6ca48	<proceed_next_node+136>:		lbz	r11,4(r10)
-	0xff6ca4c	<proceed_next_node+140>:		extsb	r23,r11
-	0xff6ca50	<proceed_next_node+144>:		addi	r19,r23,-26
-	0xff6ca54	<proceed_next_node+148>:		xori	r6,r23,31
-	0xff6ca58	<proceed_next_node+152>:		subfic	r8,r6,0
-	0xff6ca5c	<proceed_next_node+156>:		adde	r6,r8,r6
-	0xff6ca60	<proceed_next_node+160>:		subfic	r12,r19,3
-	0xff6ca64	<proceed_next_node+164>:		li	r12,0
-	0xff6ca68	<proceed_next_node+168>:		adde	r12,r12,r12
-	0xff6ca6c	<proceed_next_node+172>:		or.	r8,r12,r6
-	0xff6ca70	<proceed_next_node+176>:		mfcr	r0
-	0xff6ca74	<proceed_next_node+180>:		stw	r0,12(r1)
-	0xff6ca78	<proceed_next_node+184>:		bne-	0xff6cd0c <proceed_next_node+844>
-	0xff6ca7c	<proceed_next_node+188>:		clrlwi	r9,r11,24
-	0xff6ca80	<proceed_next_node+192>:		cmpwi	r9,21
-	0xff6ca84	<proceed_next_node+196>:		beq-	0xff6cd0c <proceed_next_node+844>
-	0xff6ca88	<proceed_next_node+200>:		cmpwi	cr1,r9,22
-	0xff6ca8c	<proceed_next_node+204>:		beq-	cr1,0xff6cd0c <proceed_next_node+844>
-	0xff6ca90	<proceed_next_node+208>:		lbz	r10,4(r10)
-	0xff6ca94	<proceed_next_node+212>:		li	r21,0
-	0xff6ca98	<proceed_next_node+216>:		mr	r4,r31
-	0xff6ca9c	<proceed_next_node+220>:		cmpwi	cr6,r10,32
-	0xff6caa0	<proceed_next_node+224>:		beq-	cr6,0xff6ccf4 <proceed_next_node+820>
-	0xff6caa4	<proceed_next_node+228>:		xori	r12,r10,20
-	0xff6caa8	<proceed_next_node+232>:		subfic	r8,r12,0
-	0xff6caac	<proceed_next_node+236>:		adde	r12,r8,r12
-	0xff6cab0	<proceed_next_node+240>:		xori	r6,r10,23
-	0xff6cab4	<proceed_next_node+244>:		subfic	r11,r6,0
-	0xff6cab8	<proceed_next_node+248>:		adde	r6,r11,r6
-	0xff6cabc	<proceed_next_node+252>:		or	r5,r12,r6
-	0xff6cac0	<proceed_next_node+256>:		cmpwi	r5,0
-	0xff6cac4	<proceed_next_node+260>:		bne-	0xff6ccd0 <proceed_next_node+784>
-	0xff6cac8	<proceed_next_node+264>:		cmpwi	cr1,r10,30
-	0xff6cacc	<proceed_next_node+268>:		cmpwi	r21,0
-	0xff6cad0	<proceed_next_node+272>:		mfcr	r23
-	0xff6cad4	<proceed_next_node+276>:		beq-	cr1,0xff6cb84 <proceed_next_node+452>
-	0xff6cad8	<proceed_next_node+280>:		lwz	r6,0(r25)
-	0xff6cadc	<proceed_next_node+284>:		mtcrf	128,r23
-	0xff6cae0	<proceed_next_node+288>:		beq-	0xff6cb5c <proceed_next_node+412>
-	0xff6cae4	<proceed_next_node+292>:		lwz	r24,32(r27)
-	0xff6cae8	<proceed_next_node+296>:		mtcrf	128,r23
-	0xff6caec	<proceed_next_node+300>:		rlwinm	r27,r31,2,0,29
-	0xff6caf0	<proceed_next_node+304>:		lwzx	r22,r27,r24
-	0xff6caf4	<proceed_next_node+308>:		bne-	0xff6cb54 <proceed_next_node+404>
-	0xff6caf8	<proceed_next_node+312>:		addi	r0,r6,1
-	0xff6cafc	<proceed_next_node+316>:		li	r21,0
-	0xff6cb00	<proceed_next_node+320>:		mr	r11,r22
-	0xff6cb04	<proceed_next_node+324>:		stw	r0,0(r25)
-	0xff6cb08	<proceed_next_node+328>:		stw	r21,4(r20)
-	0xff6cb0c	<proceed_next_node+332>:		lwz	r20,116(r1)
-	0xff6cb10	<proceed_next_node+336>:		mr	r3,r11
-	0xff6cb14	<proceed_next_node+340>:		lwz	r19,60(r1)
-	0xff6cb18	<proceed_next_node+344>:		mtlr	r20
-	0xff6cb1c	<proceed_next_node+348>:		lwz	r21,68(r1)
-	0xff6cb20	<proceed_next_node+352>:		lwz	r20,64(r1)
-	0xff6cb24	<proceed_next_node+356>:		lwz	r22,72(r1)
-	0xff6cb28	<proceed_next_node+360>:		lwz	r23,76(r1)
-	0xff6cb2c	<proceed_next_node+364>:		lwz	r24,80(r1)
-	0xff6cb30	<proceed_next_node+368>:		lwz	r25,84(r1)
-	0xff6cb34	<proceed_next_node+372>:		lwz	r26,88(r1)
-	0xff6cb38	<proceed_next_node+376>:		lwz	r27,92(r1)
-	0xff6cb3c	<proceed_next_node+380>:		lwz	r28,96(r1)
-	0xff6cb40	<proceed_next_node+384>:		lwz	r29,100(r1)
-	0xff6cb44	<proceed_next_node+388>:		lwz	r30,104(r1)
-	0xff6cb48	<proceed_next_node+392>:		lwz	r31,108(r1)
-	0xff6cb4c	<proceed_next_node+396>:		addi	r1,r1,112
-	0xff6cb50	<proceed_next_node+400>:		blr
-	0xff6cb54	<proceed_next_node+404>:		add	r0,r6,r21
-	0xff6cb58	<proceed_next_node+408>:		b	0xff6cafc <proceed_next_node+316>
-	0xff6cb5c	<proceed_next_node+412>:		lwz	r12,12(r27)
-	0xff6cb60	<proceed_next_node+416>:		mr	r3,r26
-	0xff6cb64	<proceed_next_node+420>:		mr	r5,r24
-	0xff6cb68	<proceed_next_node+424>:		add	r4,r12,r29
-	0xff6cb6c	<proceed_next_node+428>:		bl	0xff68b50 <check_node_accept>
-	0xff6cb70	<proceed_next_node+432>:		li	r11,0
-	0xff6cb74	<proceed_next_node+436>:		cmpwi	r3,0
-	0xff6cb78	<proceed_next_node+440>:		beq-	0xff6cb0c <proceed_next_node+332>
-	0xff6cb7c	<proceed_next_node+444>:		lwz	r6,0(r25)
-	0xff6cb80	<proceed_next_node+448>:		b	0xff6cae4 <proceed_next_node+292>
-	0xff6cb84	<proceed_next_node+452>:		lwz	r0,20(r24)
-	0xff6cb88	<proceed_next_node+456>:		li	r28,0
-	0xff6cb8c	<proceed_next_node+460>:		cmpw	cr6,r21,r0
-	0xff6cb90	<proceed_next_node+464>:		bge-	cr6,0xff6cbb8 <proceed_next_node+504>
-	0xff6cb94	<proceed_next_node+468>:		lwz	r11,28(r24)
-	0xff6cb98	<proceed_next_node+472>:		mtctr	r0
-	0xff6cb9c	<proceed_next_node+476>:		rlwinm	r0,r28,4,0,27
-	0xff6cba0	<proceed_next_node+480>:		addi	r28,r28,1
-	0xff6cba4	<proceed_next_node+484>:		lwzx	r19,r11,r0
-	0xff6cba8	<proceed_next_node+488>:		add	r9,r0,r11
-	0xff6cbac	<proceed_next_node+492>:		cmpw	r19,r31
-	0xff6cbb0	<proceed_next_node+496>:		beq-	0xff6ccb4 <proceed_next_node+756>
-	0xff6cbb4	<proceed_next_node+500>:		bdnz+	0xff6cb9c <proceed_next_node+476>
-	0xff6cbb8	<proceed_next_node+504>:		cmpwi	cr6,r21,0
-	0xff6cbbc	<proceed_next_node+508>:		mcrf	cr0,cr6
-	0xff6cbc0	<proceed_next_node+512>:		mfcr	r23
-	0xff6cbc4	<proceed_next_node+516>:		rlwinm	r23,r23,24,0,3
-	0xff6cbc8	<proceed_next_node+520>:		bne+	0xff6cad8 <proceed_next_node+280>
-	0xff6cbcc	<proceed_next_node+524>:		mr	r3,r20
-	0xff6cbd0	<proceed_next_node+528>:		mr	r4,r31
-	0xff6cbd4	<proceed_next_node+532>:		bl	0xff6ab6c <re_node_set_insert>
-	0xff6cbd8	<proceed_next_node+536>:		li	r11,-1
-	0xff6cbdc	<proceed_next_node+540>:		cmpwi	r3,0
-	0xff6cbe0	<proceed_next_node+544>:		blt-	0xff6cb0c <proceed_next_node+332>
-	0xff6cbe4	<proceed_next_node+548>:		lwz	r22,0(r25)
-	0xff6cbe8	<proceed_next_node+552>:		rlwinm	r19,r31,2,0,29
-	0xff6cbec	<proceed_next_node+556>:		lwz	r11,12(r24)
-	0xff6cbf0	<proceed_next_node+560>:		lwz	r3,32(r27)
-	0xff6cbf4	<proceed_next_node+564>:		rlwinm	r8,r22,2,0,29
-	0xff6cbf8	<proceed_next_node+568>:		lwzx	r4,r8,r11
-	0xff6cbfc	<proceed_next_node+572>:		lwzx	r28,r19,r3
-	0xff6cc00	<proceed_next_node+576>:		addi	r3,r4,4
-	0xff6cc04	<proceed_next_node+580>:		mr	r4,r28
-	0xff6cc08	<proceed_next_node+584>:		bl	0xff6ad08 <re_node_set_contains>
-	0xff6cc0c	<proceed_next_node+588>:		mr	r11,r28
-	0xff6cc10	<proceed_next_node+592>:		cmpwi	cr1,r3,0
-	0xff6cc14	<proceed_next_node+596>:		bne-	cr1,0xff6cb0c <proceed_next_node+332>
-	0xff6cc18	<proceed_next_node+600>:		lwz	r6,0(r25)
-	0xff6cc1c	<proceed_next_node+604>:		li	r28,0
-	0xff6cc20	<proceed_next_node+608>:		lwz	r5,12(r24)
-	0xff6cc24	<proceed_next_node+612>:		rlwinm	r0,r6,2,0,29
-	0xff6cc28	<proceed_next_node+616>:		mr	r12,r6
-	0xff6cc2c	<proceed_next_node+620>:		lwzx	r10,r5,r0
-	0xff6cc30	<proceed_next_node+624>:		mr	r7,r6
-	0xff6cc34	<proceed_next_node+628>:		mr	r3,r5
-	0xff6cc38	<proceed_next_node+632>:		lwz	r9,8(r10)
-	0xff6cc3c	<proceed_next_node+636>:		cmpw	cr6,r21,r9
-	0xff6cc40	<proceed_next_node+640>:		bge-	cr6,0xff6cadc <proceed_next_node+284>
-	0xff6cc44	<proceed_next_node+644>:		lwz	r8,12(r27)
-	0xff6cc48	<proceed_next_node+648>:		rlwinm	r4,r7,2,0,29
-	0xff6cc4c	<proceed_next_node+652>:		rlwinm	r0,r28,2,0,29
-	0xff6cc50	<proceed_next_node+656>:		lwzx	r22,r4,r5
-	0xff6cc54	<proceed_next_node+660>:		mr	r7,r12
-	0xff6cc58	<proceed_next_node+664>:		mr	r5,r3
-	0xff6cc5c	<proceed_next_node+668>:		rlwinm	r4,r12,2,0,29
-	0xff6cc60	<proceed_next_node+672>:		lwz	r9,12(r22)
-	0xff6cc64	<proceed_next_node+676>:		addi	r28,r28,1
-	0xff6cc68	<proceed_next_node+680>:		lwzx	r22,r9,r0
-	0xff6cc6c	<proceed_next_node+684>:		rlwinm	r11,r22,3,0,28
-	0xff6cc70	<proceed_next_node+688>:		add	r9,r11,r8
-	0xff6cc74	<proceed_next_node+692>:		lbz	r10,4(r9)
-	0xff6cc78	<proceed_next_node+696>:		cmpwi	r10,32
-	0xff6cc7c	<proceed_next_node+700>:		beq-	0xff6cc94 <proceed_next_node+724>
-	0xff6cc80	<proceed_next_node+704>:		lwzx	r10,r4,r5
-	0xff6cc84	<proceed_next_node+708>:		lwz	r11,8(r10)
-	0xff6cc88	<proceed_next_node+712>:		cmpw	cr6,r28,r11
-	0xff6cc8c	<proceed_next_node+716>:		blt+	cr6,0xff6cc48 <proceed_next_node+648>
-	0xff6cc90	<proceed_next_node+720>:		b	0xff6cadc <proceed_next_node+284>
-	0xff6cc94	<proceed_next_node+724>:		lwzx	r9,r11,r8
-	0xff6cc98	<proceed_next_node+728>:		lwz	r11,32(r27)
-	0xff6cc9c	<proceed_next_node+732>:		lwz	r10,0(r9)
-	0xff6cca0	<proceed_next_node+736>:		lwzx	r9,r19,r11
-	0xff6cca4	<proceed_next_node+740>:		cmpw	cr1,r9,r10
-	0xff6cca8	<proceed_next_node+744>:		bne+	cr1,0xff6cc80 <proceed_next_node+704>
-	0xff6ccac	<proceed_next_node+748>:		mr	r11,r22
-	0xff6ccb0	<proceed_next_node+752>:		b	0xff6cb0c <proceed_next_node+332>
-	0xff6ccb4	<proceed_next_node+756>:		lwz	r6,0(r25)
-	0xff6ccb8	<proceed_next_node+760>:		lwz	r7,4(r9)
-	0xff6ccbc	<proceed_next_node+764>:		cmpw	cr1,r7,r6
-	0xff6ccc0	<proceed_next_node+768>:		bne+	cr1,0xff6cbb4 <proceed_next_node+500>
-	0xff6ccc4	<proceed_next_node+772>:		lwz	r10,8(r9)
-	0xff6ccc8	<proceed_next_node+776>:		subf	r21,r6,r10
-	0xff6cccc	<proceed_next_node+780>:		b	0xff6cbb4 <proceed_next_node+500>
-	0xff6ccd0	<proceed_next_node+784>:		lwz	r6,0(r25)
-	0xff6ccd4	<proceed_next_node+788>:		mr	r3,r26
-	0xff6ccd8	<proceed_next_node+792>:		lwz	r5,8(r24)
-	0xff6ccdc	<proceed_next_node+796>:		bl	0xff682d8 <check_node_accept_bytes>
-	0xff6cce0	<proceed_next_node+800>:		lwz	r6,0(r25)
-	0xff6cce4	<proceed_next_node+804>:		cmpwi	r3,0
-	0xff6cce8	<proceed_next_node+808>:		mr	r21,r3
-	0xff6ccec	<proceed_next_node+812>:		mfcr	r23
-	0xff6ccf0	<proceed_next_node+816>:		b	0xff6cadc <proceed_next_node+284>
-	0xff6ccf4	<proceed_next_node+820>:		lwzx	r23,r29,r7
-	0xff6ccf8	<proceed_next_node+824>:		lwz	r4,0(r23)
-	0xff6ccfc	<proceed_next_node+828>:		rlwinm	r28,r4,3,0,28
-	0xff6cd00	<proceed_next_node+832>:		add	r22,r28,r7
-	0xff6cd04	<proceed_next_node+836>:		lbz	r10,4(r22)
-	0xff6cd08	<proceed_next_node+840>:		b	0xff6caa4 <proceed_next_node+228>
-	0xff6cd0c	<proceed_next_node+844>:		mr	r3,r20
-	0xff6cd10	<proceed_next_node+848>:		mr	r4,r31
-	0xff6cd14	<proceed_next_node+852>:		bl	0xff6ab6c <re_node_set_insert>
-	0xff6cd18	<proceed_next_node+856>:		li	r11,-1
-	0xff6cd1c	<proceed_next_node+860>:		cmpwi	cr6,r3,0
-	0xff6cd20	<proceed_next_node+864>:		lis	r7,32767
-	0xff6cd24	<proceed_next_node+868>:		ori	r23,r7,65535
-	0xff6cd28	<proceed_next_node+872>:		blt-	cr6,0xff6cb0c <proceed_next_node+332>
-	0xff6cd2c	<proceed_next_node+876>:		lwz	r9,0(r25)
-	0xff6cd30	<proceed_next_node+880>:		li	r28,0
-	0xff6cd34	<proceed_next_node+884>:		lwz	r29,12(r24)
-	0xff6cd38	<proceed_next_node+888>:		rlwinm	r26,r9,2,0,29
-	0xff6cd3c	<proceed_next_node+892>:		lwzx	r9,r26,r29
-	0xff6cd40	<proceed_next_node+896>:		lwz	r10,8(r9) <<<--------- here 
-	0xff6cd44	<proceed_next_node+900>:		cmpw	r28,r10
-	0xff6cd48	<proceed_next_node+904>:		bge-	0xff6ccac <proceed_next_node+748>

r10 and r9 are
r9   0x0
r10  0x1


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