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Re: glibc-2-2-branch and ppc64

    Looking at glibc-2-2-branch with the web-cvs I see
a new sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc32 directory with empty elf
and fpu subdirs in it. I also see that libgcc-compat.S has
been moved into the Attic. However unlike libgcc-compat.c,
the libgcc-compat.S in the Attic shows no changelog entry
for being moved and/or replaced. My guess is someone 
accidentally applied one of Steve Munroe's patches, that 
created the powerpc32 directory and moved files, to
glibc-2-2-branch. It is puzzling that it moved libgcc-compat.S
into the Attic instead of powerpc32 though. I didn't look
that carefully at all the patches Steve proposed for
the transition so I don't know which one could have done
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