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Re: glibc 2.2.93 make check failure

Steve Munroe wrote:
: Any one else seeing the tfformat failure?
: GCONV_PATH=/home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/iconvdata LC_ALL=C
: /home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/elf/ --library-path
: /home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93:/home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/math:/home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/elf:/home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/dlfcn:/home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/nss:/home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/nis:/home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/rt:/home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/resolv:/home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/crypt:/home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/linuxthreads
:  /home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/stdio-common/tfformat  >
: /home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/stdio-common/tfformat.out
: make[2]: *** [/home/sjmunroe/work/build32-2.2.93/stdio-common/tfformat.out]
: Error 1
: make[2]: Leaving directory `/u3/sjmunroe/work/glibc-2.2.93/stdio-common'
: make[1]: *** [stdio-common/tests] Error 2
: make[1]: Leaving directory `/u3/sjmunroe/work/glibc-2.2.93'
: make: *** [check] Error 2
: Error in line 4012 using "%.1a".  Result is "0x1.0p+1"; should be:
: "0x1.0p+4".
: Encountered 1 errors in 3996 tests.

Given your other note off line, I think this is the cause of
your problem:


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