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Re: ppc warnings

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Jakub Jelinek wrote:

Well, if you could send me your comments about
I could try to finish it this or next week...
I thought I already did.

The long double problem should be know for all the time and if somebody used long double on these architectures it is the programmer's fault. Jumping through hoops to enable binary compatibility is nothing I would consider.

The <math.h> change might be acceptable. I don't like the <stdlib.h> change very much, it's very intrusive, but I also have no better idea.

In the place where you introduced __ symbols and make the old names weak alias, use strong_alias. There is no reason to use weak_alias.

Are you sure we can remove NO_LONG_DOUBLE support from the ldbl-96 code? Maybe there'll be some architecture where gcc is not prepared for 128-bit long double.

The ldbl-64-128 code seems to duplicate the 64-bit functions so that they can be aliased. Correct? The duplications shouldn't be necessary but I won't object. In any case, the ldbl-64-128 directory needs a README file explaining the purpose.

I won't comment on the SPARC code, you know it better than I do.

It shouldn't have any impact on ports other than sparc/sparc32
Except uglifying some public headers.

Well, if we really wanted it could be shut down, e.g. by
adding limited_range argument to the macro and adding
!limited_range && to the if clause.
I think some compilers at least report the warning even if you have an unconditional shortcut in the expression. I don't worry about this at all.

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