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glibc 2.2.93

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I've uploaded



This is hopefully another step closer to the final release. No real bugs have been reported for the last test release and the problems associated with the new code introduced since the last test release should be fixed.

The new code mainly fixed problems in the new locale model especially wrt to the use in libstdc++. In fact, the locale classes in libstdc++ should now work in a fully ISO C++ compliant way, the first implementation which is integrated into the system's libraries.

The patch also includes some x86-64 updates and glibc should now compile and test successfully (given that you have working tools).

The largest part of the patch canges the files describing the expected errors in the math library. So don't worry about a 330kB patch, the number of patches isn't that high.

As usual, please try this code. Report all successful and unsuccessful compilation attempts to It is important to get feedback since otherwise we cannot judge the readiness of the release.

And a note for architectures other than x86, x86-64, IA-64, Alpha, PPC: I haven't heard anything about progress for other platforms. And if nothing happens all these platforms will be listed as "used to work, status unknown".

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