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Re[2]: DLOPEN and Statically linked executable

Hello Andreas,

Thursday, June 20, 2002, 7:58:55 PM, you wrote:


AJ> You can compile it shared and install glibc in a differnt directory.

Sorry but this is not that general approach. This is exactly the way
how MySQL binary distribution is Build but we can't ask every user to
compile GLIBC. This is not that easy task.

AJ> The smaller threads shouldn't need a patch if you compile for
AJ> i686-linux-gnu with --enable-kernel=2.4.0.

What do you mean? Will smaller stack used or just runtime stack
selection work ?

>>    The problem is - UDF does not work then MySQL is compiled
>>    statically.  dlopen() itself works but it does not allow access to
>>    global symbols of running binary which are required for the
>>    functions to work.

AJ> dlopen is not supported in static applications.  It might work for you
AJ> in the glibc version you tested but as glibc developers we only
AJ> support it for the nss modules.

If it would work, I would not be writing this message. In my case it
works but external functions defined in main executable can't be

The really important why it is not supported. Are there any
fundamental reasons for this ?

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