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Volleyball tours to Europe June & July

(This email is intended for volleyball players coaches and other interested volleyball people. If you have received 
this email and are not interested in our volleyball programs, we apologize, your email address will be removed. 
Type REMOVE in the SUBJECT line and return. Your address will be removed from future mailing.)
Dear Volleyball players.. coaches ... friends
Our next volleyball tours to Europe are this June (for the adult volleyball players and July (for the Junior 
Volleyball players). I know JUNE and JULY seems like a long way off ... but MUCH planning needs to be 
done in advance to ensure a fun event.
We are currently accepting applications / reservations for BOTH the June and July tours.
June and July are a great time to go to Europe, the weather is super, the beach volleyball is just getting started, 
and there are not quite as many crazy tourist ....
All of our tours include; Volleyball play in each city, tournaments and local competitions, Uniforms, Sweats, 
Athletic bags, Full city sightseeing tour in English, Accommodations, All train travel between cities in Europe, 
day travel pass for the metro in each city, breakfasts, Visit to Morano and Borano Islands, experienced escort 
for the full tour, and more.......
The deadline for tour deposit is March 1st 2002. We anticipate the tour to fill prior to the deadline. I would 
encourage you to make your refundable deposit as soon as you can. I am sure you have many questions about 
the tour. Please let me know when a good time for me to call to answer your questions.
The website for this tour is .. 
Two easy steps for registration; and reserving your place for the up coming tours
1. Go to the website of the tour you want to attend and fill out the application form
2. Return (via email or snail mail) the application along with the REFUNDABLE Deposit Your 
RESERVATION will be complete
Come join us.. make some new friends ... see exciting Europe ... play some competitive Volleyball .....
The Daily itinerary, photos and tour information can be found at .... 
<> click on photos
If you like I can call you personally and give you the specific details of this year's tour....I just need to know .... 
When you would like me to call...Each tour is limited to 8 men and 8 women per team.... These tours will fill 
early, so plan ahead....... 
John Littleman 
Director Goodwill Volleyball Tours 

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