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Re: tc[gs]etattr and PPC

Thorsten Kukuk <> writes:

> Some programs like xterm makes TCSETS-ioctls (and don't call 
> tcsetattr), but we call tcsetattr which fails and return a wrong
> error code to the caller.
> POSIX says:
>     The tcsetattr() function shall return successfully if it was able to
>     perform any of the requested actions, even if some of the requested
>     actions could not be performed.
> so the wrapper in the current implementation is not correct.
> How can we fix this? One suggestion is to add an internal flag so
> that our tcsetattr does not perform the check, the other is to
> remove or fix the wrapper.

You haven't given an example why you think it's wrong.  Not calling
the kernel for unimplemented functionality and failing is correct.
What the text above means is that is any of the defined actions fail
(like changing the baud rate if supported) tcsetattr() still returns
successfully.  What exactly do you have in mind?

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