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Re: [libc-alpha] mt-application hanging in exit()


> On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Bertold Kolics wrote:
> > Just one more comment on this (and that is why I think it should be clearly
> > indicated in the documentation of glibc that use of pthread_sigmask is
> > mandatory on Linux): UNIX International compliant systems make sigprocmask()
> > equivalent to pthread_sigmask().
> One implementor representing IBM's operating system already came
> forward to tell you that your code essentially works by fluke on
> that system.

I think you miss the point here. All I was trying to say that it is better
document this than having more people confused by using sigprocmask() instead
of pthread_sigmask(). All I ask is documentation, because there are systems out
there which comply with UNIX International and developers used to those systems
may face the same problem I had.

If you show me the piece of documentation where you say that pthread_sigmask()
has to be used instead of sigprocmask() in mt-applications, then I will say I
am sorry for bothering you and 'mea culpa'. And, please, don't come with
reading POSIX, because you know much better how closely LinuxThreads follow
that standard.


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